Aging and Disability Services

Adults often need more care as they get older. For elderly parents’ children, finding quality, dignified nursing care can prove to be a difficult task. Some adult children are unable or unwilling to take care of their elderly parents in the home. There are many other options available for seniors that can assist them in staying healthy and maintaining their independence. See disability service providers Melbourne to get more info.


As the name implies, in-homecare (or homecare) is a group of specialists who provide senior citizens with the care they need within their home. In-home staff or certified nurses will come to the house from one to seven daily. They will assist with the following: dressing, remembering how to take medications, helping with meals preparation, washing and cleaning up. So the senior citizen can still live in their own home but not be dependent or unable to provide for themselves. Even if the resident is not aged, they can still use homecare services if they are in recovery from surgery or are pregnant.

Assisted Living Facilities

These areas are for seniors who want to live independently but still need basic services such as laundry, cleaning and medication reminders. Seniors living in these facilities often live in their own private apartments. Staff members visit them every day to assist them with daily chores. Residents of assisted living communities have the opportunity to attend events such as mixers, exercise classes, and other social engagements.

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